Bill Fairhurst is President / Co-Founder of Riverford Exploration, LLC an

  Exploration & ​​Production company with technical and managerial consulting

  practices in The Woodlands, Austin, and Dallas, Texas. Previously, Bill was

  President / COO of Discovery Resources & Development and served as

  Vice President of Land & Exploration for several Independent E&P companies

  after 15 years in various geological, engineering, land and managerial roles with

  Marathon Oil. 

     Bill graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in Geology, Economics-

  Management; the University of Missouri-Columbia with Master in Geology; and

  from the University of Houston with Master of Business Administration in Finance.  

  He has provided Expert Legal testimony involving geology, engineering and economic evaluation; provided and 

  managed professional testimony before eight state Industrial Commissions; published and spoken nationally 

  and internationally in technical, business and policy forums. Bill is a Certified Petroleum Geologist by the AAPG;

  a licensed Professional Geologist in the state of Texas; a Qualified Reserve Evaluator by the Canadian Securities

  Administrators; and member of SPE and Houston Geological Society.

     ​​Riverford Exploration, LLC has a team of geologists, engineers and landmen available to assist with large

  projects and exploration - development programs.

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