Partial List of Organizations by Area for whom Riverford Exploration, LLC or associated entities have provided Technical (Geologic, Engineering and Land) Consulting Services:

​  ​Capstone Energy Portfolios, LLC: South Louisiana.             

  Cinnabar Operating: Midland and Delaware Basins.            

​  ConocoPhillips: Permian Basin.

  Covey Energy: ​ Delaware Basin.

  Eagle Oil & Gas: ArkLaTex, Alabama, Delaware Basin,            

​     Central Basin Platform, Williston Basin, Kansas.              

  Eagle-Carollton Minerals, I, II, III and IIIB: Onshore U.S.                 ​   
  Eaglestone: ArkLaTex, Haynesville-Bossier.

  Happy Trails Oil & Gas, LLC: Delaware Basin.

  Primexx Operating: Delaware Basin.                                

​  Discovery Resources & Development, LLC: Onshore Gulf          

    of Mexico, Kansas, Appalachian Basin.                   

​  Hilcorp Energy Corporation: S. Louisiana, S. Texas,                       

     Offshore California.                                                

​​  Marathon Oil Company: 43 States onshore U.S. including;          

     Alaska, Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, and Pacific.         



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     Riverford Exploration, LLC and its Founders have completed technical work including drilling of new field

  discoveries, exploitation and development wells, consulted and contributed to programs in 43 states, offshore

  Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, Pacific and North Slope as shown on the Producing Asset map (Alaska not included). 

  Contributions have also been made for programs on six continents (excluding Antarctica).  Technical consulting

​  and/or contributions have been made for the following organizations (partial list) and areas of contribution:

​  Nearburg Producing Company: Delaware Basin, Central
​     Basin Platform, ArkLaTex, S. Louisiana, Coastal Texas.

  Orange Energy: Permian.

  Pecos River Energy, LP: Delaware Basin.

​  Petro-Hunt, LLC: ArkLaTex, Onshore Gulf of Mexico,

     Oklahoma, Rocky Mountain / Williston Basins,

     Alaska, six Continents.   
  PetroTex Energy Partners, LLC: Midland, Delaware,  

     ArkLaTex Basins and Oklahoma. 

  Rincon Exploration: Rocky Mountain and Williston. 

  Roseland: Delaware Basin.  

  Tellus Operating: South Louisiana.​                  

  Vermilion Cliffs Partners: Permian Basin;            

     Midland and Delaware Basins. 

  WolfBone Energy Partners, LP: WolfBone play,

     Delaware Basin.