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     March 05, 2019: Riverford Exploration, LLC 2018 resulted in Yr/Yr increases of 110% in Production, 123% in Revenue, and 184%

   in Operating Income from O&G Operations.  Riverford's annual O&G operations Return On Capital Employed (ROCE) over 15 years is

   89% per year, 75% during 2018, compared to an industry average of 6.6% per annum.  2018 returns were positively impacted by a

   22% increase in product prices.  The most significant increases were from Riverford's organic drilling, completions (61%) and M&A

   programs (17%). 

     July 20, 2018: Riverford Exploration, LLC production rate at the end of the second quarter increased 56% over first quarter, 2018 

   average production rates.  The increase included production from 21 newly acquired, producing Bakken and Three Forks wells

   from two separate acquisitions.  The first acquisition included two wells and 640 gross acres in the Bakken, Elm Coulee Field,

   Richland County, Montana, less than four miles from Riverford Exploration, LLC's previously existing and currently producing assets

   in that field.  The second included 19 producing wells and approximately 5,120 gross acres in the general Sanish Field area,

   Mountrail County, North Dakota, Riverford's reentry into North Dakota.  The increase also includes initial production from five,

   two-mile long lateral WolfBone wells in Reeves County, Texas.  Riverford is currently participating in the drilling of six additional,

   two-mile long lateral WolfBone wells in Reeves County which are planned to be producing during the second half of 2018.  Four

   more two-mile long horizontal WolfBone wells are planned to spud during the fourth quarter and initiate production early in 2019.       

       ​January 15, 2018: Riverford Exploration, LLC is reporting production from its first WolfBone multi-pad drilling program, Reeves

  County Texas has been producing from its first three (3) wells for four (4) months resulting in 50% pay-back from those wells.  The

  three (3) wells includes one well in each the 3rd Bone Spring, upper Wolfcamp A and Lower Wolfcamp A.  Five addition wells: one in

  the 3rd Bone Spring, two (2) in the upper Wolfcamp A, and two (2) in the lower Wolfcamp A are currently being drilled.    

     August 15, 2017: Riverford Exploration, LLC for the second year in a row would place in the Oil & Gas Journal 150 top 25 in at

  least one of the financial categories listed for 2016 fiscal year.  For the 2015 fiscal year Riverford Exploration, LLC would have

  placed in the top 20 in at least one of the financial categories listed for the U.S. Based Oil & Gas Producers.  Riverford Exploration,

  LLC would have placed in the top half in at least one other category during both years.  Riverford Exploration, LLC is a privately

  held Oil & Gas Exploration, Production, and consulting practice.  As a private company it is not listed in the Oil & Gas Journal 150

  U.S. based public companies.