Bill Fairhurst has over 20 years consulting experience with half a dozen Expert Consulting Service 

firms providing Consulting for Financial Equity and Credit firms seeking Oil & Gas Industry Experts.  

     This includes knowledge of specific operating Oil & Gas firms, Industry Service Providers, Industry Trends and

  Plays to Wellbore Economics and Forecasting.  These Consulting Services also include Oil & Gas Industry Corporate

  Strategies, Policy, Organizational Planning, Logistics, firm strengths and weaknesses and the completive   


​     Bill's broad Oil & Gas experience working for large multi-national public and large to small private, Independent

  Oil & Gas operators, experience working in production operations, reservoir engineering, mergers and acquisitions,

  land and exploration geology.  He has a Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Petroleum Geology and Economic-

  Business-Finance providing a detailed technical, financial, and management background well suited to explaining

  and communicating complex topics in easily understood reference in the terms, language, style and background of

  his clients.  Initial micro-Consulting services frequently lead to longer-term, more detail analyses and reports.

​     Bill is an often invited Keynote Speaker and panel participate for Industry events covering Policy, Pricing,

  Management, Forecasting and Technical topics within the Oil & Gas Industry.

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